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Month: October 2018


Oh ocean washing at my blistered feet
I know deep in this frozen heart
I shall never leave this stone cold shore
to sail my restless dreams
that shall be restless dreams
until I dream no more.

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The song is a fire
that rakes my heart,
the water wells in my eyes
as I tremble before the moment
and all the moments
that have ever been sung
but will never be sung again.

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Oh to drink from the desert well
that quenches the thirst
of shepherds and goat herders
and the flocks given to their care;
that water would bring me in
from the lost hillside,
from the the cleft in the rock.

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The truth of the world
is shown in the turning
of the seasons,
winter, spring
summer, autumn –
death, birth, life, muse;
truth moves in cycles.

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