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Month: May 2020


The wind roars,
rattles the iron
on the old roof;
the nails strain
to hold the tin down
while the wooden gate
bangs back and forth
against the post,
sounds a warning
it is about to be
parted from its
rusted hinges.

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What is this one moment
that speaks among a myriad
of moments?
What is this one moment
That stands apart from the jostle
of the crowd?
One moment captures an eternity;
one moment turns a rusted, iron key.

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He walks neither on the left
nor on the right,
for each one lacks
what the other one has;
he travels true
the middle ground,
he holds his eye on high.

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Lost in the short view,
he sees no principle
worth standing for
in the long view;
his birthright
trampled beneath
the blood that secured it.

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I am locked in here
beside the fire
within the warmth
of the flame
and in that murmur
I think I hear
it whispering
the sound of my
own name

Should I rouse
myself from the
comfort of my
secluded nook
and ask who calls
my name who disturbs
my sweet dream
who moves my rook

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Melody, riff and harmony,
give me the song to sing
and I will sing along;
this is the soundtrack of the times
that shape and bend me
until I fit and belong.

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these wheels keep on rollin’
across bitumen and stone
nothing here can be stolen
nothing that we own

going up country
been there once before
hope to stay just a while
watch stars come ashore

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