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Month: August 2020


I have no one to share
your secrets with, no
faces in the flicker
of your shadow to
assure me I am not
alone; dear moon,
please stand guard
outside my room.

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On the banks of the Aorere River,
in the last sunlight of the evening,
the whitebaiter casts his eye across
the still water, across the white spotter,
smiles, and slowly scoops his net.

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When the road becomes a narrow way
and few there be upon it, the silenced
voice becomes an outlaw, hounded
from the shadows, driven deep into the
undergrowth, hidden by the light.

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The silver-grey cloud is hanging
like a bridal train down the steep
sides of the valley, the rock altar
is draped in waterfall mist and the
song is too deep for a heart to keep.

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